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Are you ready for your next lavish vacation with your friends and family?

Well, if money is not an issue, then hiring a private yacht and sailing out sounds like a fun way to escape.

There are many jaw-dropping avenues and islands that you can sail to and have an astounding experience of a yacht charter all the while.

One of the most popular is The Mediterranean!

Adorned with stunning islands and the rugged coastlines of France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Croatia, the Mediterranean Sea is home to some of the most beautiful yacht charter destinations in the world.

The most famous include Monaco, St Tropez, Amalfi, Naples, Rome, Capri, and the Maltese islands which sit at the heart of the Mediterranean.

Known for its world-renowned heritage sites, the Republic of Malta is an archipelago, a small island country to the south of Europe right between Sicily and the African Coast.

Situated at the centre of the Mediterranean, it boasts of some of the most beautiful and sunniest of all the world’s islands which makes it the perfect spot for yachting in the summer.

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And now that you have a private yacht charter in Malta, let’s explore all the places you can go.

1. Blue Lagoon (Comino)

Blue Lagoon

The small island of Camino which lies between the islands of Malta and Gozo, proposes some of the most spectacular places for sailing and snorkeling.

Among them is Blue Lagoon! Known for its crystal clear and shiny blue waters, Blue Lagoon is the most popular bay in the Maltese islands and perhaps all of Europe.

A couple of other must-yacht destinations in Camino include the Crystal  Lagoon and the Santa Maria Bay.

2. Grand Harbour (Valletta)

The large Valletta Grand Harbour is the perfect place to start cruising across the magnificent Maltese archipelago.  

Lying at the bottom of the tiny fortress capital (II-Belt) of Malta, the Grand Harbour is the busiest port of Valletta. 

Ornamented with the grandeur style of European architecture that can be easily seen in its museums, palaces, and churches, the Grand Harbour offers a unique maritime experience of a lifetime.

3. Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is next up on our list of the world’s best yacht charter destinations in Malta.

Perhaps the most ambient of the three Maltese Islands, Paradise Bay is home to one of the smallest and cutest beaches on the island. 

Surrounded by a lush green rocky terrain, its waters are as clear as crystal that celebrates a diverse range of lively marine life.

Whether you want to swim, snorkel, or just lay down under the sun, Paradise Bay offers everything despite being somewhat isolated.

4. Ramla and Dwejra Bays (Gozo)

Gozo is one of the sister islands of Malta which is known for its red sandy beaches and deep blue waters.

Consisting of two of the most remarkable natural landmarks in the Maltese archipelago, Ramla and Dwejra Bays, Gozo is a hub of several beautiful beaches that invite beachgoers from all over the place.

Ramla Bay, which means ‘the red sandy beach,’ is surrounded by nature, and nothing but nature as far as eyes can see.

Similarly, Dwejra Bay is a place where time stops and nature begins. Safe and away from open waters, Dwejra Bay is the perfect place to drop your anchor for an overnight stay. 

5. Golden Bay

Last but not least, we have the Golden Bay!

One of Malta’s most famous and busiest beaches, the Golden Bay offers plenty of water-fun activities along with long stretches of sand for relaxing and sunbathing.

Previously known as Military Bay, the white-sloped beaches of the Golden Bay make it the most popular and visited yacht charter destination for maritime tourists in the Manikata region. 


While there are plenty of spots to fulfill your seafaring fantasies in Malta, listed above are some of the most convenient and enhancing yacht charter destinations.
From enjoying the sun and sea life to indulging in your favorite wine and mouth-watering seafood, chartering a private yacht/ catamaran Malta can give you much-needed space, privacy, and safety when exploring the massive Maltese islands

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