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Catamarans Are Perfect For Your Special Event

  • Corporate events; Team-building exercises, client entertainment, and product launches.
  • Weedings; A unique and romantic setting.
  • Anniversaries; A chance to get away from it all enjoy some quality time together.
  • Birthday parties; Catamarans are a fun and festive way to celebrate birthdays.
  • Decorate the catamaran; This will help create a festive atmosphere for your event.
Malta catamaran charters

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How many guests are you planning? Four catamarans might be your choice.

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All day, evening, nights onboard: Choose what suits you best!

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We can brand the boats according to your branding for the event.

"Thinking of catering for your upcoming event?"

Gas stainless boat BBQ
Barbecue grill on the boat.



Spare ribs


Grilled sausages



Drinks Beer,Wine, Coke, water and Ice


35€ per person


Canape Menu (2)


Local Fish Tartare with Caramelized Carrots and Citrus Juice

Olive Oil Cake Topped with Chevre and Petit Tomate Confit

To Commence

Lightly Seared Tuna Roll Served with a Caper and Tomato Water

Smoked Magaret of Duck with Onion Marmalade and Asian Vegetables

Mini Ciabatta with Chive Cheese and Crispy Aged Bresoila

Tangy Tomato and Olive Stuffed Loin of Rabbit, Olive Oil Biscuit and Berry Caviar

Smokey Swordfish Tartare, Basil Air and Crunchy Pancetta

Water Bath Poached Scallops, Butternut Squash Puree, Scallian Cracker

Pistacchio Crumbled Hallumi Cheese, Cheesy Pea Puree, Corriander Jelly

Drinks Beer,Wine, Coke, Water and ice


35.00€ per person
One time additional charge for chef €100



Buffet Menu (3)

Selections of Bread and Butter

Selection of Pasta

Penne Ammatricciana

Tortellini with Alfredo Sauce

Fussili with a Rich Tomato and Vegetable Sauce

Main Buffet

Brasied Tender Leg of Chicken with a Red Wine and Thyme Jus

Roast Loin of Pork with an Apple Gravy

Thai Fried Rice with Sweetcorn and Peas

Medley of Buttery Vegetables

Fennel Roasted Potatoes


Chocolate Tartalette with Chocolate Shavings

Vanilla Cake with Lemon Cream and Dashed with Sugar

Freshly Cut Fruit Platter with Berry Sauce

Drinks Beer, Wine, Coke, Water and ice


€50.00 per person
including  Wine beers coke and water 
One time additional charge for chef €100


Vegan Menu

Vee Goo ... Vegetarian and Vegan Delights

Cold Salad Bar and Breads

Misto of Salad Leaves with Cherry Tomatoes and Balsamic Dressing


Vine Tomato and Cucumber Salad (VEGAN/VEG/GF)

Moroccan Couscous with Carrot Slaw, Cumin and Sultanas (VEGAN/VEG)

Mediterranean Pasta Salad with Italian Pesto (VEGAN/VEG)

Chive Cream Potato and Bacon Snippet Seasoned Potato Salad (VEG/GF)

Pressed Herb Oil Dressing

Sizzling Hot

Chickpea and Coriander Patties served in a Soft Bun with Roast Tomato and Olive

Chutney (VEGAN/VEG)

Grilled Mediterranean Vegetable Skewers with Herb and Tomato Salsa


Sweet Chilli Marinated Corn on the Cob with Load of Herbs (VEGAN/VEG/GF)

Crispy Vegetarian Burger with Tangy Olive Pesto and Melting Cheese


Banana Split Potatoes Stuffed with Maltese Caponata (VEGAN/VEG/GF)

Medley of Grilled Vegetables with Honey Drizzle (VEGAN/VEG/GF)

Sail it Away

Freshly Carved Melon and Watermelon with Berry Coulis
Drinks Beer, Wine , Coke , Water and ice

45.00€ per person
Including Wine beers  coke and water 
One time additional charge for chef €100